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  the concept of human resources

Talent strategy has always been an important part of  HIWAs growth strategy, "Knowing use of the expertise and resources” is HIWAs employment purposes,"Morality first, benevolence as the core" isHIWAs consistent selection policy, also as the core of talent strategy.During the HIWAs growth, the first-class talent create the solid base for HIWA in the valve manufacture industry.


 the talent incentive


With the steady development of the company, the company continued to improve the salary structure and salary levels, provide staff with a more competitive, ever-improving salary structure and system.Beside the basic salary, the company proposed assessment incentives, job promotion policies, as well as the variety of benefits.


special incentives for technical staff of  

To promote the technological innovation of R & D center, to reward the one who have outstanding patents and invention, because they make contribution ​​by the independent intellectual property rights, scientific and technological research and developed process improvement, HIWA make the R & D staff performance appraisal system of incentives especially, give them the award of bonuses and title reward.


option awards  

To stimulate older workers to create value and take the initiative power, increase their company belonging sense, HIWA propose option incentives policy actually, to link the vital interests of older workers and long-term interests of company, to promote enterprise development healthy and sustainably, also the personal income improved steadily.


  personnel training  

HIWA organize regular staff in-house training and assessment, seem a group of experienced, solid theory management and professional technical personnels as an internal trainer. Through their explaination the management concepts, practical experience and technical expertise, and solving questions & problem for the serving staff, form a good interaction for the work environment and learn from each other. And signed a joint educational agreements with universities, to train outstanding technical staff.


"People-oriented" is the important concept of HIWA corporator culture. Talent is the first resource, is the basic of development and the competitiveness. In HIWA,  there is broad individual development space, a good personal growth environment, effective performance incentives, a wealth of corporate culture and fringe benefits.In HIWA, there is a set of scientific personnel recruitment, selection, use and development of human resources management system.All this, making an ideal, capable people can be in their respective positions, "happy and efficient” work, and enjoy the play, to achieve self-ambition.